Recent Publications

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Global patterns in genomic diversity reveal the molecular and ecological processes underpinning the evolution of insecticide resistance in the crop pest Myzus persicae

Singh KS, Cordeiro EMG, Troczka BJ, Pym A, Mackisack J, Mathers TC, Duarte A, Legeai F, Robin S, Bielza P, Burrack HJ, Charaabi K, Denholm I, Figueroa CC, ffrench-Constant RH, Jander G, Margaritopoulos JT, Mazzoni E, Nauen R, Ren G, Stepanyan I, Umina PA, Voronova NV, Vontas J, Williamson M, Wilson ACC, Xi-Wu G, Youn Y-N, Zimmer CT, Simon J-C, Hayward A, Bass C (In press) Communications Biology

Next-generation cophylogeny: unraveling eco-evolutionary processes

Blasco-Costa I, Hayward A, Poulin R, Balbuena JA (In press) Trends in Ecology and Evolution

Transposon-mediated insertional mutagenesis unmasks recessive insecticide resistance in the aphid, Myzus persicae

Panini M, Chiesa O, Troczka BJ, Mallott M, Manicardi GC, Cassanelli S, Cominelli F, Hayward A, Mazzoni E, Bass C (In press) PNAS

The Pleistocene species pump past its prime: evidence from European butterfly sister species

Ebdon S, Laetsch D, Dapporto L, Hayward A, Ritchie MG, Dinca V, Vila R, Lohse K (2021) Molecular Ecology

Horseshoe crab genomes reveal the evolution of genes and microRNAs after three rounds of whole genome duplication

Nong W, Qu Z, Li Y, Barton-Owen T, Wong AYP, Yip HY, Lee HT, Narayana S, Baril T, Swale T, Cao J, Chan TF, Kwan HS, Ming NS, Panagiotou G, Qian P, Qiu J, Yip KY, Ismail N, Pati S, John A, Tobe SS, Bendena WG, Cheung SG, Hayward A, Hui JHL (2021) Communications Biology


Genome of the four-finger threadfin Eleutheronema tetradactylum (Perciforms: Polynemidae)

Qu Z, Nong W, Yu Y, Baril T, Yip HY, Hayward A, Hui JHL (2020) BMC Genomics

Millipede genomes reveal unique adaptations during myriapod evolution

Qu Z, Nong W, So HWL, Barton-Owen T, Li Y, Li C, Leung TCN, Baril T, Wong AYP, Swale T, Chan TF, Hayward A, Ngai SM, Hui JHL (2020) PLoS Biology

*Cover story

New records of the Paleotropical migrant Hemianax ephippiger in the Caribbean and a review of its status in the Neotropics

Hedlund J, Ehrnsten E, Hayward C, Lehmann P, Hayward A (2020) International Journal of Odonatology

The genetic architecture of a host shift: an adaptive walk protected an aphid and its endosymbiont from plant chemical defences

Singh KS, Troczka BJ, Duarte A, Balabanidou V, Trissi N, Paladino LZC, Nguyen P, Zimmer CT, Papapostolou K, Randall E, Mallott V, Marec F, Mazzoni E, Williamson M, Hayward A, Nauen R, Vontas J, Bass C (2020) Science Advances

A chromosomal-level reference genome of the incense tree Aquilaria sinensis

Nong W, Law STS, Wong AYP, Baril T, Swale T, Chu LM, Hayward A, Lau DTW, Hui JHL (2020) Molecular Ecology Resources

A draft genome sequence of the elusive giant squid, Architeuthis dux

da Fonseca RR, Couto A, Machado A, Brejova B; Albertin CB, Silva F, Gardner P, Baril T, Hayward A, Campos A, Ribeiro A, Hernandez IB, Hoving HJ, Tafur-Jimenez R; Chu C, Frazao B, Petersen B, Penalosa F, Musacchia F, Alexander GC, Osorio H, Winkelmann I, Simakov O, Rasmussen S, Rahman MZ, Pisani D, Jarvis E, Zhang G, Vinther J, Strugnell J, Castro LFC, Fedrigo O, Patricio M, Li O, Rocha S, Antunes A, Wu Y, Ma B, Sanges R, Vinar T, Blagoev B, Sicheritz-Ponten T, Nielsen R, Gilbert MTP (2020) GigaScience